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Debtor in Germany? – You do not know how the debt collection works in Germany and how high are the costs?
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In recent years, the trade relations between Germany and Poland have developed considerably. The number of entrepreneurs from Poland, who export their goods and services to Germany or do business of another kind with the western neighbors is increasing. Unfortunately, it happens more often that the debtor in Germany, does not pay the debts on time and does not fulfill his obligations from the contract. The scheme is similar. Initially, only some bills are not paid, then the debtor claims there were some alleged defects in goods or services in order to reduce the costs. Finally, it comes to utter suspension of payments. This is especially a problem when the economic situation is already tense and the creditor depends on the payment of bills in order to fulfill his own obligations. The difficulties seem to be even greater if the debtor lives or has his seat in Germany, and a German debt collection agency or law firm must be contacted. GRAU Rechtsanwälte PartGmbB for more than a decade is engaged in the receivables management and provides a professional legal advice on highly concessional terms for the creditor.

Debtors in Germany and the possibilities of debt collection

Debt collection is carried out in the form of extrajudicial and judicial debt collection. In the extrajudicial recovery of debt, firstly the opponent in Germany is checked and then he is asked orally and in writing to pay the debt. It happens very often that the opponent, after receiving formal notice, pays the debt or agrees on an installment payment.

Should the extrajudicial debt collection be unsuccessful and the debtor shall not have expressly rejected the claim, we will execute litigation of debt collection proceedings for you. Should however the debtor have filed an objection within the framework of the legal default action, we will execute contentious proceedings throughout Germany.

Should an enforceable title claim have been obtained, either by you or through us, we will implement enforcement measures and monitor these until your claim has been fully settled. 

Costs of receivables management

The costs of debt management in Germany do not have to be high. GRAU Rechtsanwälte prepared for you an attractive offer. In case of extrajudicial debt collection you do not incur any costs, we agree on commission from the successfully collected sum (so-called success fee). We would like you to take advantage of our offer and to contact us!